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Vroom Central Vacuum System

Vroom Central Vacuum System are small, powerful, and hides in cabinets or under counters. Vroom cleans up a mess in less time than it takes to find a broom. It’s always there, always convenient, and automatically turns on when you need it. Reaches out 24′ to clean almost any daily mess off counters, floors, drawers, and around appliances.

There's a Vroom for Every Room!

There is a Vroom quick-clean central vacuum accessory to clean messes in every room of your home! The Vroom family of products is ideal for quickly cleaning small spaces and dry messes in high traffic areas of your home, such as kitchens, bathrooms, garages, workbenches and laundry rooms. Its instant accessibility makes it a great addition to your more-thorough weekly cleaning regimen.

Vroom for Central Vacuums

Vroom installs neatly inside most standard cabinets or overhead in garages so it’s there when you need it, but tucked away out of sight when you don’t. It’s perfect for everyday use, anytime you need to clean a mess fast. Plus, no more lugging around your central vacuum hose or gathering multiple supplies – broom, sponge or paper towels.

Vroom Central Vacuum System

Vroom Garage Systems

Vroom Garage Vacs are so easy to use – you’ll be spot cleaning little messes before they get big! No more backbreaking, once-a-year cleaning jobs. Vroom Garage Vacs are always on the job. ALways powerful. Vroom Garage is great for cleaning car interiors, floor mats, car seats, campers, RVs, boats, garage floors, workbenches, around windows and doors, and other dirty garage messes. There are two models to serve your garage and workshop cleaning needs: Vroom Garage Vac and Vroom Garage Vac Ultra.

Central vacuum repair

Spot by Vroom

If there are no cabinets available for a Vroom, Spot is a great alternative. Stores up to 15 feet of hose in the wall for convenient “on the spot” cleaning. Remains completely concealed in the wall until you need it. Easily accessible when vacuuming messes, just lift the lid and pull out the hose – it retracts back into the wall when you’re finished. Perfect in mudrooms, laundry rooms, and where daily cleanups are needed – by the litter box, by the lint screen, at entrances

Spot by Vroom

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